Your Scale - Friend or Foe

Does your scale ever lie to you? Have you ever stepped on the scale, been disappointed, got dressed anyway and noticed that your pants were fitting a little looser? How could that be when the scale number hasn't budged at all? The number on the scale can be effected by many things but your clothes will never lie. Therefore, the best way to tell if you are making any headway with your weight loss goals is to try on your pants. Make sure they are not the super loose ones that always fit no matter what. They should be tight enough that you can tell if there is a difference. I have had clients who have stepped on the scale, were disappointed by the number then put on their pants and found them to be much looser. Try to weight yourself on the scale only once a week but use your pants as a measurement of how you are doing when ever you want. Remember, your clothes don't lie!

Create your healthy relationship with food and eating so you can lose weight and feel great.

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