What is OneBowl Weight Loss and how can we help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

What is OneBowl Weight Loss? - OneBowl is a six week structured weight loss program that is unique from other programs. Yes, there is a healthy eating approach that you will follow while one the program, (and no you can't just eat whatever you want) but more importantly there is a strong behavior change component. We believe that unless you change your underlying beliefs, attitudes and relationship to food and eating you will continue to struggle with the issue of weight.

What do you eat while on the OneBowl six week program? We believe in the power of routines to help people change. Our approach to food and eating is simple: You start with a OneBowl shake in the am, eat one of the many OneBowl Salads at lunch, have a mid afternoon snack and finish the day with an 8 ounce OneBowl dinner at night. Simple! We tell you how to do it and you supply the food.

What do you do over the Six Weeks? Over the six week program, you have seven 30 minute coaching sessions. Each week, with your certified coach, you will work through the OneBowl workbook & learn how to apply the principles designed to help you change for good.

Do I work with any other professionals during the program? Yes, you will spend time with our certified Holistic Nutritionist. Keyrsten will help you determine what foods are best for you. If you have any health issues, she can help you create a healthy eating plan that will work for you.

What makes OneBowl Weight Loss different from all the rest? We know that diets don't work. They only provide short term solutions. We are committed to helping people change for good so they never have to diet again. We also provide lots of support because we know that's what you need while you are working through the program.

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