What's the best way to lose weight and keep it off?

There are so many weight loss programs available. Some of them are good and some may have damaging long term effects on people's ability to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight involves a physical, emotional and mental shift if you want to achieve results that last.

Learning how to get back to eating in a balance and healthy way should take time and should be

manageable and realistic. I bet when an onion forms, it does so one layer at a time ( I am no onion expert though but if it did, that is how you would want to change the habits and behaviors that support healthy and balanced eating). Be cautious of weight loss plans that are founded on deprivation and artificial foods. Both of these, in most cases are not sustainable and have a higher risk of backfiring. If you have any questions about what the healthiest way to lose weight, feel free to ask in the comments below.


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