Want to lose weight but don't want to feel hungry all the time?

One of the biggest concerns I have heard about people who go on a diet is the feeling of hunger. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to feel a little bit of hunger. Hunger is the bodies cue that we need to fuel up but extensive periods of time of feeling hungry is like waiting to drink water until you are very thirsty. You have gone past the bodies need to fuel up or drink up! Also, when you operate from a place of prolonged hunger, you might be telling your body to slow down it’s metabolism (something you don’t want when it comes to losing weight). You also might be setting yourself up for a binge. There is only so long we can hold off until the dam breaks. Instead of prolonged physical hunger, try to wait until your body tells you it’s time to eat again (not to be confused with emotional hunger). Typically, you are going to want to eat something small about every 3-4 hours. What you eat is as important and when you eat but that’s another blog!

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