How do you track weight loss success?

Do you use weight scales, measuring tape or do you put on a favourite pair of pants?

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

When you’ve had a positive week of meal planning and balanced eating you want a reward for your commitment to a healthier you. That reward is often tangible proof that you are achieving your goals. That proof could come in the form of being able to zip up a pair of pants you haven’t worn a while, or seeing fewer inches on a measuring tape around you or just stepping on the scales and seeing a number you like.

Everyone has a different approach and there is never a fits-one-fits-all solution. You’ve got to find one that works for you. At the same time take care not to connect positive or negative feelings of self worth on any method for measuring success. You have made a commitment to making changes in your life. That is already a huge success.

Keep in mind that factors like a big dinner the night before or water retention will temporarily alter your shape and weight. Also measuring success too frequently will reduce accuracy and may negatively impact your resolve. Celebrate the small victories as much as you do the big ones and step by step you will achieve your goal

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