The secret to staying ON the wagon of change

It's about now when people begin to lose momentum and slowly return to old habits and behaviors. January is always a good time to launch into something new and many of us are able to ride the wave of new beginnings that time of the year presents: March and April marks the time for many when the momentum that has kept them rolling forward starts to slow. So what is the secret to staying on the wagon? No matter what it is you are wanting to accomplish, it's important recommitment daily to what it is you want to achieve. It might be maintaining a healthy lifestyle so can lose weight and feel better or it could be following through with a daily walk to improve your fitness but the real secret to long lasting change is support. Support means you are not doing it all alone. Support offers a scaffolding that is designed to help hold us up when change get's tough. So if you are working through change, make sure you have the support you need to help you stay on track towards accomplishing your goals.

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