Real food for real weight loss. OneBowl.

Our relationship with food and eating is one that when in balance, works well: (eating most of the time out of hunger and stopping most of the time when satisfied). It's not until we start putting restrictions on how and what we eat that the balance can get tipped. Making responsible healthy decisions is different than putting restrictions on when, how and what we eat. Humans are funny that way. We can operate under strict dietary restrictions for a period of time until the monster within becomes restless. Think about it this way: if there was a big red button in the middle of the room and you were told not to touch it, what would you be thinking? I bet you might be considering how you were going to push the button without people knowing. Learning or relearning how to eat in a responsible healthy balanced way is one of the best approaches

to losing and rebalancing your weight. Using real food for real weight loss takes a little more time but the results last alot longer.

A simple approach to long lasting weight loss.

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