My wake up call to my weight gain.

Thirty years ago I never had a weight issue. I was active and food was just something you did when you needed to. At 21, all that changed. I moved away from home after completing my degree and lived in Ottawa for a year. Although I had a good time ( maybe a little too good ), my relationship to food and eating began to change. I missed my home, family and friends and replaced all three with a budding relationship with nachos and chocolate macaroons. We got to be great friends and within 6 months and had gained 25 pounds because of it. Surprisingly, I was working at a fitness center at the time and doing lots of classes. You would think that would have slowed the weight gain down, but no, all I got was a sore knee because of all the jumping up and down I was doing with that extra weight. Remember the aerobic classes? All we did was jump up and down and the faster the better. Things began to turn around for me when I was on a family trip in Italy. I felt like a sausage squeezed into pants that no longer fit and watching all those beautiful sleek Italian women was the wake up call I needed. !!! Uggg! When I returned home ( back to Vancouver) I decided to turn things around. I began by changing how I was eating and figuring out my triggers to overeating and eating the wrong foods. With practice over one year I lost the 25 pounds and I didn't even notice it happening. I was more focused on changing my thoughts, behavior's and actions. It's been over....well let's say many years and it never has come back. Periodically, it rises but I now know what to do to rebalance it. My goal has always been to share what I know with as many people as possible. You need to be ready though to stop doing what you have been doing and work towards something different and I definitely was.


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