Looking for a great place to get strong & fit? Check out The Tsawwassen Wellness Center.

When it comes to losing weight, you need to consider both what you eat as well as how you move. Getting regular exercise, staying strong and building lean muscle mass is an essential component of any successful weight loss approach. There are many great places in Delta to help you achieve this but there has always been a few at the top of my list to refer my weight loss clients to. Twenty years ago, Linda Mallard and I worked together in a combined effort to help people lose weight and get fit. Today, Linda runs The Tsawwassen Wellness Center. She and her team are well know in the community for the high level Pilates, conditioning and reconditioning classes they provide. They have a beautiful studio in Tsawwassen where their

clients are well cared for and supported. Self care comes in many forms. Making sure you keep the amazing body you were given in good shape will help enable you to stay active and fit for many years to come. Thank you Linda and The Tsawwassen Wellness Center.

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