Is the lack of time keeping you from losing weight?

Life can be busy. Work, family, kids and staying on top of what needs to get done in a day is about as much as most people can handle and the idea of adding one more thing can be overwhelming.

Thinking about how to achieve your weight loss goal in addition to everything else-who needs more to do in a day?

If you want to lose weight and improve your health, choose a weight loss program that works

with your life; one that’s easy to follow and doesn't take alot of extra time to implement. The risk of failure can increase if the approach you are taking is increasing your stress and taking up more time than you have.

The OneBowl Weight Loss approach uses a gradual approach to change. The changes you make throughout the six week program are blended into your day without tipping your life balance. OneBowl is the simple, easy approach to long term weight loss.

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