Imagine eating the same things for dinner your family eats and loosing weight.

That's OneBowl

Dieting can become an inconvenience overtime when it comes to food preparation. Having to cook separate meals for you and your family is time consuming and can be expensive. At OneBowl we know you value your time and energy especially at the end of the day. When considering your approach to meal planning when trying to lose weight, think of meals that you can prepare that both you and your family can enjoy. If you are trying to lose weight, have less and only certain parts of the meal. For example, if your dinner is baked chicken, rice pilaf and stir fried veggies, just have the chicken and veggies only. Also make sure that you have a much smaller serving than the others in your family. Over time, this approach will help you to eat less at night, sleep better, lose weight and feel hungry in the morning.

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