How to make this the last time you lose weight

Nothing changes unless you change. Not always that simple right? Weight loss and weight gain are primarily dependent on the lifestyle habits we practice. How much we move, what we eat and how often we eat are some of the most common contributors to both. If the concept is so simple and straightforward, why is so hard to implement? The saying 'habits die hard' is not far from the truth. The real key to successful weight loss is learning how to change those sticky bad habits to ones that support more of what you want: increased energy, feeling good and ultimately weight loss. Identifying areas that you want to change is step one. Creating a manageable realistic and sustainable change plan is essential for success is next. 'Practice makes perfect' they say and it's true. The more you practice a new behavior, the stronger it gets. Having the support you need and a clear program to follow will help you get the weight loss results you deserve.

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