How to create a healthy relationship to food and eating

We need to eat to survive. It's a fact of life but the foods we choose to eat can either help us build strong healthy bodies or contribute to poor health, low energy and weight gain. The relationship we develop with food and eating is impacted by many things: the values around food we were taught at a young age, the role models that influenced us about the food choices we make and the personal relationship we create with food and living. As normal as the act of eating is, it can be a complicated one to change. The first step to changing how you are eating is know that you want to change. Most people decide to change when they start to experience unwanted consequences. . Clothes stop fitting well, feeling bloated and yucky becomes the norm and more often or self esteem takes a tumble.

Being ready to change is essential. The next step is to identify what benefits would be gained by changing. If the perceived benefits out way the pull to continue with the unwanted behavior, change will occur. Change best happens when there is adequate support, a plan to follow and valued benefits to work towards.

Change your relationship to food and eating today.

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