How to change sticky habits that lead to weight gain!

Old habits die hard they say and, there is some truth in that. There are many habits that can contribute to weight gain: eating when your bored, having something to eat with your coffee, a glass (or two) of wine every night, snacking after dinner while watching TV. You get the picture. For each of the mentioned above habits, there is the option of doing the opposite: finding something else to do when boredom hits, going for a walk after dinner, limiting your wine consumption to the weekend, and just having a cup of coffee on it's own. Is it easy to change habits? Not really. But is it possible? Yes, if you are ready to change and the benefits you get from the new behavior out weigh the pull of the old behavior, change will happen over time. The key is to choose only one behavior at a time to work on changing. Changing too much too soon can be overwhelming and can cause us to go back to old behaviors, even though we don't want to.

A Simple, Effective Weight Loss Solution

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