How making yourself a priority can help you lose weight.

Life is busy, I get that and I also know how easy it can be to feel like there isn't enough of you to accomplish what you need to in a day. Living day after day feeling this way can be draining and it's understandable that a trip to MacDonald's or a pint of ice cream might bring a promise of some relief. Making yourself a priority and getting your basic needs met daily can go a long way in helping you feel more in control and confident. Feeling more in control and confident can lead to making healthier choices. Try this: consider two basic needs you want to get met each day. It might be 30 minutes of exercise, taking the time eat healthy foods or getting to bed on time. Take the next three days and commit to getting your two needs met. Notice if it makes a difference in how you feel and the choices you make for yourself. Go ahead and give it a whirl. You might just surprise yourself and drive past MacDonald's and go home to a healthy salad instead.


OneBowl offers a holistic, non diet approach to helping people reach their weight loss goals.

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