Did you know having an afternoon snack can help you lose weight?

Sometimes it can be a long time between lunch and dinner and leaving too much time between snacks and meals can set you up for a binge at the end of the day. Too much time between meals can cause your blood sugar to drop and your metabolism to slow which can create a perfect eating storm and lead to an hunger frenzy. Look out fridge! To avoid this, make sure you incorporate an afternoon snack everyday ( about 3 hours after lunch or when you start to feel hungry. ) Here are some great ideas for afternoon snacks: combine guacamole and feta cheese and have it on 4 rice crackers, cut up half an apple into slices and use 1 tbsp. peanut butter as a spread, Roast & spice up some chickpeas and eat them with 2 stalks of celery, try some beet hummus with 1/2 green pepper or eat a 1/2 avocado with tomatoes and feta cheese. What ever you choose to eat as your pm snack, you should have no more than the size of you fist and make sure you add some kind of protein.

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