Are you really hungry or do you just want to eat?

When it comes to effective weight loss, knowing the difference between real true physical hunger and 'I just want to eat' hunger can make a big difference in your daily caloric intake and your weight loss efforts. There are many things that can drive us to eat when we aren't really hungry: social activities, the clock, boredom, stress, an assortment of random feelings or just because. Eating for true hunger 85% of the time and 15% for all other reasons is a good goal to work towards. Every time you are contemplating putting food into your mouth, ask your self if you are really physically hungry? If you are, go ahead but if you aren't, try having a big glass of water, moving away from the tempting food, distracting yourself with a walk or doing something else you enjoy.

Changing your relationship to food and eat to achieve your weight can help you to achieve long term weight loss goals.

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