An amazing weight loss strategy

Tracking your food, restricting your choices and counting on your willpower are all common weight loss strategies. The question is: how long will they last? What happens when you are so sick of saying 'no' to yourself that the pendulum swings over to the other side and anything goes? When you eat, you usually get feedback from your body. You might feel overfull, bloated, crampy or even sick if you eat the wrong foods or too much of them. Many healthy foods can help us to feel clean inside, energized and healthy. Using how you want to feel or don't want to feel as a weight loss strategy can be very powerful. There isn't a right or wrong choice, there's the choice that best supports your goal of feeling good. Next time you eat something ask yourself: is what I am about to eat going to make me feel good and will it support my goal to lose weight and feel great?

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