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Creating a healthy relationship with food & eating isn't as hard as you think.

OneBowl helps people change their relationship to food and eating to one that is in balance and supports optimal health and wellness.  Over six weeks you will learn how to change the unproductive eating habits and behaviors  that can get in the way of reaching a healthy weight to ones that support better health, feeling good and losing weight.


At OneBowl, we recognize that changing habits and behaviors can be challenging. We believe that over time with the right guidance, the  chances are of long-lasting success increase significantly. 


Meet Mary Roncarelli

Mary Roncarelli created OneBowl to support people who wanted to make positive changes in their lives, lose weight, get healthier, and feel better.


Her many years of experience working with people who struggled to lose weight helped her realize that the critical components for truly successful change are simplicity, routine, support, and education. Mastering those few things leads to long-term weight loss and making a positive and peaceful relationship with food.

Mary is a certified wellness coach and counselor with a BPHed from UBC.